Membership Interview: Nancy Sneed

1. Are you an atheist, freethinker, or non-believer? Explain. I am an atheist. 2. What led you to stop believing

Join Us for Our 3rd Annual Birthday Celebration

Woo, woo…we’re celebrating the 3rd year opening of the Reason Center, with exciting announcements, a new library and book sale, and

The Freethought Community Supports March For Science

The Reason Center and Freethinking Community will be participating in the ‘March for Science,’ held on Earth Day, Saturday April 22nd,

How I Walked Away: A Deconversion Story

I confess it now, my sin, my crime, the cancer on my soul. I am a backslider. If you didn’t

Our Recommend Atheist and Freethinkers Books

We board of directors and members of the Reason Center know how important books and learning are to the freethought

Interview with Reason Member, David Diskin

Editor’s Note: The following is a first in a series of interviews with members of the Reason Center. If you’re interested

De-Conversion Story: Slipping the Leash

by Dawn L. The first run-in I had with the Church was as a child. My beloved pony died. I

Reason Center Available for Get Out and Work

Ever really need to get some stuff done? But of course first you need to feed the cat or your