The Reason Center opened its doors July 2014. It was established to be community and meeting place for freethinkers, atheists, non-believers, and skeptics  groups, organizations and individuals. 

The existence of the Reason Center would not have been possible without the generous support of our founding members and donors.


  • The overall purpose of the Reason Center is to provide a place to:
  • Support a social and intellectual community for freethinkers*.
  • Contribute to society through education and community service.
  • Advance the civic understanding and acceptance of freethinkers*.
  • Uphold the separation of religion and government.

*Freethinker is someone who values reason and empiricism above authority and dogma, is skeptical of any extraordinary claims and attributions to supernatural agency, and is willing to apply these standards when personal assertions are challenged.


With the support and activities of our partner groups and organizations, the last three years, Reason Center has hosted over 350 events, meetings, and other gatherings, including a regular Sunday Assembly, a monthly educational and social event that allows participants to hear relevant speakers, do some singing, and meet new people. Members of our partner groups also keep the Center active, volunteering their time and resources to keep the Center’s doors open.

The Center supports a variety of events and activities including speakers, book clubs, discussion groups, secular yoga, crafting circles, family functions, community outreach, advocacy activities, youth groups, games nights, movie nights, Secular Addiction Recovery Groups, and much more.

The Center is also important as a place for those transitioning out of and recovering from religious faith traditions and places of worship, to connect with an established, friendly freethinking community.

For more information about the purpose and vision of the Reason Center, read our original Visions document


The Reason Center is sustained by member donations and volunteer work of its board members and supporters.  All membership donations go toward paying for the monthly rental and utilities of the Center. 

See our Member Donations page for details about membership levels and benefits. 

Note: you do not have to be a member of the Reason Center in order to attend activities and members held at the Center. 

Reason Center Board of Directors:

President, Gary Alexander
Treasurer, Mashariki Lawson
Secretary, Rae Howard
Mynga Futrell
Rachael Harrington
Tom Ikelman
Bakari Chavanu
Nancy Sneed